March 27, 2007

DOTCAM (Development Organization For Transnational Culture And Media)

Great philosopher, great poet, writer, artist, sculpture and freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghani Khan with reference to “Ghani Khan Festival” celebration.
· Conventions for culture development
· Music conferences on National and International level
· To convene the national convention for new and old musician and artists
· Organizing Pukhtoon various tribal and regional traditional dances
· Print and electronic media conference for peace and harmony on transitional level
We request to our all respected elders, writers, poets, intellectuals, journalists, musicians, artists, peace activists, human rights activists, socio-political activists, the torch bearers of democracy. Our comrades and friends to whom we appeal to achieve these events and to convene these conferences and great events.
We need your support, cooperation and help. Many thanks.
Executive Coordinator
Qaisar Khan advocate
Cell# 0300-5929206


How difficult it is to be Afghan!

March 24, 2007

World knows all the atrocities Afghans suffered first by communists, then by the mujahedeen and later by the Taliban.

The sitting government also proved that it don’t care about Afghans. The Taliban are already crossing borders of their enmity against Afghans.

Some one month ago the Taliban captured an Italian journalist with tow Afghan companions and accused them of spying. Later they negotiated a ‘deal’ with the Italian and Afghan governments to release the Italian journalist. The cruel and anti-Afghan Taliban beheaded the Afghan driver, Syed Agha, to threat Italy. They made him scapegoat for their deal and later, when their demands fulfilled, they released the Italian journalist without his Afghan translator, Ajmal Naqashbandi.

Why the government was releasing top Taliban commanders for the Italian, why it did not demand of release of the Afghans?

And why the Taliban release only foreigners and behead and kill Afghans?

How difficult it is to be Afghan!

Secularism is the winner

March 23, 2007

Secularism means respect of others’ beliefs and views.

Despite the on-going terror in our countries, the Mullahism and all other narrow-minded things will end one day because people will be not able to bear them any more.

And it will be the day of winning of secularism.

The sooner our people will accept it and hug it, the better for their life and the humanity.

Talibanisation reaches Peshawar

March 18, 2007

Government provided them peace in a ‘deal.

Media encouraged them by converging their letters and threats.

The Mullahs gave them license by saying that theirs is the ‘real Islam’.

The fanatics succeeded in achieving their goal to hijack the society and ruin the beautiful city of Peshawar.

It started today with an explosion at a music center in Peshawar, which injured tow men.

What will be the next?

The government is safe in unreachable and people-proof palaces.

The media is happy to get more news.

The Mullahs are dancing with getting more money and more attention.

Only the people are going to suffer. That is our history. It is repeating.

The hypocrisy of Fatwas

March 13, 2007

According to local newspapers, Sheikh ul Hadith wal Quran Maulana Hassan Jan announced on 11 March 2007 that the blasts in shops,  giving threats to the barbers and to create an environment of fear and hatred in Pakistan is un-Islamic. The same mullah calls it ISLAMIC when one do them in Afghanistan.

On the same day I met a man from Bajauar Agency. I asked him about the situation there. He answered, “The situation is not certain. Terrorists are every where and they kill people for minor things like shave, music etc”. I said, “Why do you call them terrorists? You should celebrate them! When they were doing the same thing in Afghanistan you were calling it peace, now you call it terrorism?”. He had not an answer.

How a big hypocrisy is this!

Mullah Dadullah is killing Italian Journalist

March 11, 2007

The one-legged commander of the terrorist network has issued tow statements on the same time. In one statement he says that he has a full network in Pakistan and can go to Islamabad every time he wants and another statement is about the Italian journalist. He says that he will kill him if his demands were not accepted. Why not will he kill this journalist? The Taliban has killed hundreds of doctors, journalists, engineers, and laborers in Afghanistan in last some years. He is going to kill this one too, because their philosophy is ‘Kill the people, kill yourself and destroy every thing’.

BBC Launches ‘Promote Terror’ Campaign

March 9, 2007

Media’s impact on people and their minds is universally accepted. When something gets coverage on print and electronic media, all the people give their attention and they suffer its negative or positive effects. That is why we think media always should coverage positive things and encourage them to form a healthy society. Big media organizations like BBC have more responsibility than any but alas! BBC is creating terror by its coverage to some minor issues.

Last month, BBC published a story on its Urdu website about a handwritten letter which threatened people for bad consequences if they continue listening music. After some days, it published another story about another handwritten letter addressed to hairdressers threatening them about shaving people’s beards.

The converge of these letters on BBC got much attention and created terror in Bajaur Agency.

I have lived in Bajaur agency; people of that area are Muslims but not extremists. I know they love music want to live a merry life. But there are still, as in the every corner of the world, some fanatics who do unusual things to satisfy their abnormal minds. When they get attention and coverage, they do more similar things and create more terror. Thus they become heroes and the whole society suffers their evil act.

BBC has more than 10 million viewers / listeners in the world and when it gives coverage to these minor things, it promotes terror and creates fear. When it published the first letter, there were more those stupid letters in Bajaur, Dara Adam Khel, Bannu and Dir, and BBC is publishing them regularly. That is why I call it BBC’s ‘PROMOTE TERROR’ campaign. I don’t know what is the purpose of this campaign.

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