Secularism is the winner

Secularism means respect of others’ beliefs and views.

Despite the on-going terror in our countries, the Mullahism and all other narrow-minded things will end one day because people will be not able to bear them any more.

And it will be the day of winning of secularism.

The sooner our people will accept it and hug it, the better for their life and the humanity.


2 Responses to Secularism is the winner

  1. Amer Khan says:


    Secularism is winner!!!!!! how can you say that? extremists seem to be winning all over ……….look at the situation in NWFP nowadays…..


    A Khan

  2. sarbaz says:

    Welcome Amer Khan
    It is right that the extremists are spreading all over Pakistan and Afghanistan, but their activities are not permanent. Some people and some ‘forces’ are supporting them for their secret purposes. Let them do what they want to do. At last people will stand up to get rid of them and disown them. That is because extremism alwasy ruins societies and secularism develop them. And every socity want development.

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