Journalist threatened by ‘Unknown People’

A radio journalist, writer and translator in Quetta Barakwal Miakhel has been threatened last night by unknown people who phoned him and told him that he should not work for Azadi Radio (Radio Free Europe), otherwise he will meet bad consequences.

According to, a Pashto website, the caller was speaking in Urdu language and was threatening in serious tone.
It is to be mentioned that the same unknown people had also threatened his predecessor Ghauth Din Firoten, who eventually left Quetta and Radio Azadi.

Barakwal Miakhel is my close friend and I know he works hard to achieve his career.

He requested all the media organizations, unions, and journalists to raise his voice until the ‘unknown people’ let him to do his work.


One Response to Journalist threatened by ‘Unknown People’

  1. Nazar Rabi says:

    What we need to do brother is unite and have some kind of organisation. Those who try to or make threats to our people, we should do the same thing. If we can die for other people borders,we might aswell as die for our mother language and for our children to be free. Today Kashmiri is recogniseed, the indians are coming into Pakistan and some of them is our leader like Musharraf. At the same time they closing borders on Afghanstans making differences between Pashtuns and Pahtuns. You have Punjabis they are quite happy to give us our name as Khyber Pass or North West Frontier and they are saying Pakhtunistan is a negative word. So the choice is ours kill those before they kill us. The only thing we get from these people is Jahaliat. Today they call us alakaghar outlaw. In our tradition cousins is our worst enemies. They say. The education system is in Urdu. If its not that then it is Arabic. You have aliens living amongst you. Foreign languages, foreign economy , foreign banks. Everything is corrupt, thats the way they want you to keep you in the dark. The choice is ours as a Pashtun, unite or die, divide. Assalamualakam.

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