Learn Pashto

Recently, I learnt that many people in the world are interested in learning language. It was a great discovery for me, as Pashto is my beloved language and the moment I learnt the fact, I started to contribute what I can.

We are working to launch a website where we will post information and related articles, news etc written in Pashto with English translation and audio format.

Currently we have created a weblog to see how it works. Suggestions, comments and help is welcomed.

To visit the Learn Pashto, click here.


20 Responses to Learn Pashto

  1. Tylere says:

    Thank you so much Hadi! -Ty

  2. mahmood says:

    pashto is not a language even. so funny
    that some stupid like you think it as a langauge. instead you must be ashamed of talking it, cause it is the langauge of terrorists and talibs.
    seems that all pashtooons are terrorsts

  3. sarbaz says:

    Hi mahmood
    I think your own statement have two contradictions on the same time. Firts you say that Pashto is not a language and then you say that it is the language of terrorists.

    Pashto is a very rich and beautiful language and it never had a word for terrorism. So it means that Pashtoons were never terrorists. You know I have written so many posts in this blog against terrorism and the terrorists.
    would you mind to read this https://sarbaz.wordpress.com/2007/08/03/terrorists-are-guests-and-health-workers-are-hostages/
    and this https://sarbaz.wordpress.com/2007/06/01/kidnapping-for-jihad/
    and other posts?.
    Pashtoons are always used on the name of Islam, communism and other attractive slogans.

  4. Muhammad Ali says:

    Pakhtu is one of the oldest and largest languages of the world. Before using any abusive language about Pakhtu, one must know about its history. I appreciate Mr. Hairan, who wanted to introduce this language to the people of the world who are not familiar with it. Unlike Urdu which has no single word of its own is a complete translation of Hindi and some words from Persian and Arabic languages have been included in it by the perpetrators of the Urdu language, the history of which not old than two hundred years. Urdu was introduced in subcontinent under a conspiracy against Hindi, which is proved by the history. While Pakhtu is thousands of years old language and one can not find a mention of the word ‘terrorist’ in the entire language of Pakhtu. It means that Pakhoon are not terrorists, thanks to Pakhtu language which did not give birth to the word of terrorist.

  5. Mudassir Khan says:

    I want to ask Mr. Mehmood that if you are Pakistani or a Urdu Punjabi speaker, show me the names of your national heroes. Why Pakistan names its missiles and tanks after Pakhtun leaders like Mehmood Ghaznavi, Shahabuddin Ghuari and Ahamd Shah Abdali. Because Pakistan has no hero of its own and it presents Pakhuns elders as national heroes.

  6. Mehreen says:

    hey i think its a grt idea. i’ve been wanting to learn to speak pashtu since a few yrs now. i have nothing to do with the language but i still find it interesting.

    and MR mahmood i wud like to say that u should be ashamed of what u have said and about the way you think. how can u be so racist. u cant blame all the christian community when they become racist because muslims their selves are behaving this way first.

    get a life !!!!!!! and if your not interested in something why do u have to live a pathetic comment for???????
    just mind your own business and learn to give some respect u arrogant fool……….

  7. khan says:

    hey !!!!!!!!!!!have a good laugh!!!he is not a racist because he doesnt have a race ,,, this is what makes him frustrated,,,, he must be coming form a low family…………take care ………..let the barking dog bark:::@@@@@@@@@@

  8. S.N. ALI. S says:

    Its a wonderful effort to go on with such great ideas, its creative, informative & full of amuzment under the circumstances. Its my personal openion & probably most of the others do agree that every creative work should be appritiated as it goes along our national intrest. Well MR. Mahmood, that is pretty shameful & unsocial with such wierd & disgusting remarks. Being a muslim & a pakistani u should condemn such statments instead of making them ur own words, as a matter of fact no pathan & no pakistani is a terrorist. One should be mature enough to understand political tactics & westren propegandas.
    i apprittate the work of MR. Sarbaz, it should be carried on. Best of luck

  9. Ryan says:

    hi all

    just wondering how to write”Australia” in Pashto


  10. sarbaz says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Australia is written in Pashto script like this: استراليا

  11. Ryan says:

    Thankyou for that Sarbaz,

    Are you able to email it to my private email as i am needing to cut and paste it but am unable to do that on here.

    my email is info@platypusoutdoors.com.au


  12. maria says:

    hey if any one can speak iranian pashto could you please help me to learn some of it by adding me on b.wun@hotmail.co.uk thank you =)

  13. Jasmina says:

    Hi thank you for this, I’ve been wanting to learn Pushtu since a long time. My mother is German and so I’ve learned German as my mother tongue while my Father is a native Poshton from Afghanistan. Thank you loads, and I really appreciate this. I can finally communicate with my Father’s side of the Family :p.

  14. Very good our dear friend, I read your writtings all of your efforts are praiseworthy. please continue efforts for the promotion of pushto language and literature.

    Wish you all the best

  15. please also enlist list of newly published pushto books.

    With kind regards

  16. Jeanna says:

    I can’t read this, i.e. is having problems I think…

  17. Javed Afridi says:

    Hey good site. Pashto is an ancient language some 2500 years old. It is believed to have originated on the Sulaiman mountains in South Central Pakistan (Balochistan province). The language is the mother tongue of the Pashtun people the majority of whom are found in Pakistan (33 Million) and by the Pashtuns in Afghanistan (some 9 million speakers). Furthermore, many ethnic groups who life adjacent to Pashtun areas are also conversant in Pashto and include, Tajik, Hindko, Panjabi (Pakistani), Hazara, Seraiki, Pamiri, Chitrali and Balochi. The Pashto language has two main dialects, the northern ”Kh” (hard) dialect spoken in Northern (Swabi, Swat, Nowshera) and north western(Peshawer/Tribal areas/Kohat) Pakistan as well as in Eastern Afghanistan and the Southern ”Sh” (Softer) dialect spoken in South West Pakistan (Quetta, Loralali) and Southern Afghanistan (Kandahar, Helmand, Farah).
    While many people have encouraged racism, bias’s and are polarizing the issue here, I suggest that we keep such negative views and individuals out of here for the better interest of the Pashtun language and the Pashtun people who are an integrative part of both Pakistan and Afghanistan. They play an active role in both countries affairs and when one looks at any map of the region from the late 18th century, one realizes that Afghanistan and Pakistan where one and the same country. In fact, the founder of Afghanistan, a pashtun chieftan name Ahmed Shah Abdali, was born in the modern day Pakistani city of Multan where many of his descendants live. Pakistan and Afghanistan both deserve to have peace and stability and the peoples in both countries are brothers sharing a common destiny together. I look forward to positive contributions on the topic of the Pashto language.

  18. Wasif Khan says:

    Pashto is a very ,when u r speaking it specially ,is Masculine sounding Language ,it is very impressive,n i think that when u r speaking in pashto u dont even have to raise u r voice to get u r self heard.I really like pashto,I feel Very good when i speak what ever little i know,Pashto.ofcourse would be a pleasure to learn pashto completely.

  19. annie says:

    Interesting post. Thanks for sharing it.

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