Pashtunkhwa in Pictures

A collection of photos taken by the writer of this blog is online. The photos of sceneries, personalities, Pastho writers and poets, bazaars, markets, gardens, etc, are included. You can revisit the site for more updates. Click Here.


One Response to Pashtunkhwa in Pictures

  1. Reza Temoor Khan says:

    Hi your website really rocks .I am a Soth African of Pashtun descent and i must congradulate you for the great effort. The Pashto language should preminently be restored to the status it deserves. It should be the language of Science , CultuRe and Technology. It should not be subsumed by Urdu or Farsi. I met a pakistani Pathan in Cape Town and he grew up in Islamabad . He is virtually unable to help me in my studying of the Pashto Language since he has been educated in Urdu. Pashtun u should awake and ake your destiny in your own hands .

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