How To Learn A Foreign Language

I have never gone to any school. Just a few years study in some madrassahs is my education. Before going to madrassah, my father had taught me alphabets and how to join them to make words. When I was able to read books, I started to read every thing. A book, a newspaper, a magazine and I wrote a lot of them. I used to write fifty pages a day to make my writing fast and good. That is why I wrote all my notes of Arabic grammar books myself and other students copied them from me.
I left madrassah in 1996 and went to Lahore in search of some work. People were speaking Urdu there and it was my first time to hear Urdu. I found a Pashtoon friend there who taught me basic Urdu words and general sentences and then I started to read and read and read Urdu books, newspapers, magazines, digests and then wrote them on blank papers. In less than a year, I learned the language fluently by reading, writing and speaking with some good experience in Punjabi.
In 1998 my first Pashto article published in a bimonthly Pashto and Urdu magazine called “Qabayal’’.
I think to learn Urdu was easy for me because I was in Lahore where all the people were speaking this language. To learn a foreign language becomes difficult when you don’t find any one to speak with your practicing language. And it was the case with me when I started to learn English.
English was not a language to be learned in the madrassahs I have lived in. But when I was able to read and write in Urdu, I found for the first time that English is very necessary language to be learned. So one day, I went to the bazaar and bought a dictionary, some grammar and a few storybooks with Urdu translation and started my new journey from zero in 2001.
A Chinese wise man has said that to reach your goal just need a start. I started it and read and read and read and then write it to memorize.
Today, my English is not so good and there are numerous websites and sources to learn English in like,, BBC Learning English and others where you can learn so much but it is my first hand experience that read and write and listen as much as you can. Practice makes man perfect. Listen radio programmes of the language your practicing in and speak to some one who is fluent in it.
If you are learning Pashto or Urdu languages, then we can learn it with the help of each other.


2 Responses to How To Learn A Foreign Language

  1. waqas says:

    this is fantastic activity, carry on

  2. German radio provides german and pashto languages education for newcomers.

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