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March 28, 2010

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October 3, 2007

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Meet Haji Gulzar Alam

July 19, 2007

The other day when we were returning from Bacha Khan markaz, we stopped at his shop to meet Haji Gulzar Alam. The signboard erected over his shop was portraying a bearded Haji Gulzar Alam, the once adorable Pashtoon singer.

In Bacha Khan markaz, we had seen an old issue of Pakhtoon magazine which had published Gulzar Alam’s interview. He was quoted on the title: ‘Pashto music has no future.’

I don’t know whether he quit singing because ‘it has no future’ or it was due to growing Talibanisation in the country? I should have asked him about this, but we could not meet him as the shop was closed.

My friend, who is also a singer, told me, ‘He is still a singer, but he is Talibanised!’

Some two year ago, he announced to set up a music academy, but then he ‘founded’ a Property Dealer Shop instead of music academy.

So singer Gulzar Alam is now Haji Gulzar Alam, whom you can meet at his shop ‘Haji Guzar Alam Property Dealer’ on Pajagi Road, near Bacha Khan markaz, Peshawar.

The Un-Islamic Mobile Phones

June 29, 2007

According to Pakistani media, 12 armed Taliban carried explosive devices to the Matani Bazar in the Pakhtoonkhwa province and blew four markets.

Reports said that they have destroyed music centers, barbers’ shops and mobile phones’ markets.

After committing the crime, they fled but threatened the watchmen that they will let not the un-Islamic business run.

The mullahs and the Taliban fanatics were calling music centers and barbers’ shops un-Islamic but it is new that they declare mobile phones too un-Islamic.

Some mullahs in Swat and Bajaur have declared anti-polio campaign un-Islamic. In Charsadda and Shabqadar they have declared net cafes un-Islamic and terrorized people.

This time they will appear with a fatwa at one hand and a bomb in another declaring vehicles un-Islamic. Wait and see.