Welcome to Unheard Voice.
In the world of this fast age, you can reach every where and find every thing but there are still some stories and news which are not heard by this world.
We, Afghans and our country Afghanistan is suffering wars and battles continously for some years. That is because we had not our own voice. Our people have been killed by our people for others and this nonsense is still continued. Have you felt it? If yes, then you should raise your voice.


3 Responses to Hello!

  1. Habib hassan says:

    The unheard voices is a very benificial for those who want to know.

  2. Very nice, voice against gage and anarchey.

  3. Akbar says:

    Pakhtoon is and will be in crisis becouse Pakhtoon are sleeping. We Pakhtoon always exploited by other nations. We Pakhtoon are the brave and energetic nation of the world. We need unity, education, awarness and sincir leadership. Why we Pakhtoon are called terrorist, exteremist throghout the world. are we exteremist or terrorist, No we are not but our Paktoon being used for other nation aims. I request all Pktoon brothers and sisters to be unite and come farward for the development Pakhtoon areas. Come farward and save Paktoon from being reboot of others.

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