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March 28, 2010

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October 3, 2007

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Killing of civilian people for Sharia and Democracy

April 18, 2007

According to a latest report by Human Rights Watch, more than 660 civilians were killed by insurgents last year in Afghanistan.

Although, the target of most of the explosions and sucicide attacks were military positions, majority of the people suffered were civilians.

On the other hand, NATO and Colaition forces also targeted bombed and fired civilians on many occasions.

What is the motive of these killings? Insurgents are killing people for “Sharia” and NATO is killing them for “Democracy”.

Which kind of Sharia and Democracy do they want to impose upon us? And why they need civilian blood for this purpose?

The question is unanswerable as both of them have their own ‘hidden’ agendas.

Khost meeting condemns suicide attacks

March 2, 2007

KHOST ( Participants of a public meeting here on Thursday (March 1) condemned suicide attacks and alleged that the attackers cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan.

Pakistan always rejected these allegations. The public meeting was held at Khost stadium and attended by about 2000 people from all walks of life including local officials, tribal elders and clerics.

The gathering was addressed by Governor Khost, Arsala Jamal, head of Mujahideen Shura, Maulvi Sardar Khan, tribal elder, Amir Zaman Sabri, religious scholar, Maulvi Muhammad Aqil and several other people. The meeting also passed a resolution carrying the following points.

1) We condemn and consider suicide attacks against Islam and the country.

2) Sources of instability are outside the country and suicide attackers enter into Afghanistan from the neighbouring country.

3) The world should take immediate steps for the solution of the insecurity and the terrorists’ problems should be resolved outside the country where it exists.

4) We condemn and consider the statements of Baluchistan and NWFP province of Pakistan that Pakhuns are supporting Taliban and the Taliban war is turning into a freedom war, as far from reality and an interference into Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

5) We do not accept the mining and fencing of Durand Line.

6) Reconstruction projects are very slow in Khost province, therefore, it should be expedited.

7) Corruption should be stopped in government departments and able people would be appointed.

8) Attention should be focused on religious schools so Afghans should get religious education inside the country and may not go to other countries.

9) The performance of National Reconciliation Commission is not satisfactory. It needs to be improved and play vital role in reconciliation with opponents.

It is to be mentioned here that rising suicide attacks have spread a wave of fear among the people and it was not the first time that these attacks are condemned in public meeting in Khost.

Suicide attacks were also condemned in different meetings and pamphlets were also spread in Khost in the past.

Afghan officials at numerous occasions alleged that terrorists and suicide attackers cross into Afghanistan from Pakistan. Pakistan, at each occasion dismissed these allegations.