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October 3, 2007

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The Un-Islamic Mobile Phones

June 29, 2007

According to Pakistani media, 12 armed Taliban carried explosive devices to the Matani Bazar in the Pakhtoonkhwa province and blew four markets.

Reports said that they have destroyed music centers, barbers’ shops and mobile phones’ markets.

After committing the crime, they fled but threatened the watchmen that they will let not the un-Islamic business run.

The mullahs and the Taliban fanatics were calling music centers and barbers’ shops un-Islamic but it is new that they declare mobile phones too un-Islamic.

Some mullahs in Swat and Bajaur have declared anti-polio campaign un-Islamic. In Charsadda and Shabqadar they have declared net cafes un-Islamic and terrorized people.

This time they will appear with a fatwa at one hand and a bomb in another declaring vehicles un-Islamic. Wait and see.

Shahadat of Shakiba Sanga and Zakiyya Zaki

June 6, 2007

I am so sad to hear the news of killing of female journalist Zakiyya Zaki. It is second female journalist killed this week in Afghanistan. The enemies of humanity and Afghanistan are wiping every sign of ligh and moderation in Afghanistan. Still, I believe they will meet their end the day the people get some concience.

The news was so sad that it made me crying.

Daa da insaniat dukhmanan ba da tarikh pa kitab ke tormakhi wi!

The hypocrisy of Fatwas

March 13, 2007

According to local newspapers, Sheikh ul Hadith wal Quran Maulana Hassan Jan announced on 11 March 2007 that the blasts in shops,  giving threats to the barbers and to create an environment of fear and hatred in Pakistan is un-Islamic. The same mullah calls it ISLAMIC when one do them in Afghanistan.

On the same day I met a man from Bajauar Agency. I asked him about the situation there. He answered, “The situation is not certain. Terrorists are every where and they kill people for minor things like shave, music etc”. I said, “Why do you call them terrorists? You should celebrate them! When they were doing the same thing in Afghanistan you were calling it peace, now you call it terrorism?”. He had not an answer.

How a big hypocrisy is this!