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October 3, 2007

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March 27, 2007

DOTCAM (Development Organization For Transnational Culture And Media)

Great philosopher, great poet, writer, artist, sculpture and freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghani Khan with reference to “Ghani Khan Festival” celebration.
· Conventions for culture development
· Music conferences on National and International level
· To convene the national convention for new and old musician and artists
· Organizing Pukhtoon various tribal and regional traditional dances
· Print and electronic media conference for peace and harmony on transitional level
We request to our all respected elders, writers, poets, intellectuals, journalists, musicians, artists, peace activists, human rights activists, socio-political activists, the torch bearers of democracy. Our comrades and friends to whom we appeal to achieve these events and to convene these conferences and great events.
We need your support, cooperation and help. Many thanks.
Executive Coordinator
Qaisar Khan advocate
Cell# 0300-5929206