How difficult it is to be Afghan!

World knows all the atrocities Afghans suffered first by communists, then by the mujahedeen and later by the Taliban.

The sitting government also proved that it don’t care about Afghans. The Taliban are already crossing borders of their enmity against Afghans.

Some one month ago the Taliban captured an Italian journalist with tow Afghan companions and accused them of spying. Later they negotiated a ‘deal’ with the Italian and Afghan governments to release the Italian journalist. The cruel and anti-Afghan Taliban beheaded the Afghan driver, Syed Agha, to threat Italy. They made him scapegoat for their deal and later, when their demands fulfilled, they released the Italian journalist without his Afghan translator, Ajmal Naqashbandi.

Why the government was releasing top Taliban commanders for the Italian, why it did not demand of release of the Afghans?

And why the Taliban release only foreigners and behead and kill Afghans?

How difficult it is to be Afghan!


3 Responses to How difficult it is to be Afghan!

  1. Roghani says:

    of course dear! i agree with u

  2. sarbaz says:

    Hello Roghani
    Welcome to the blog
    Your full agreement is a good appreciation

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