Terrorists are guests and health workers are hostages!

The crisis of South Korean hostages enters its third week and the Taliban are still threatening to kill them if their comrades not freed.

The same Taliban were claiming of being harbingers of Islamic peace and hospitality when they attacked Kabul in 1996 and seized nearly the entire country.

When they took over power and imposed their Sharia, they give peace and hospitality to the world’s known terrorists who compelled American invasion on Afghanistan.

The same ‘harbingers of peace and hospitality’ kidnapped 23 South Korean health workers, 18 of them women, in the Qarabagh district of Ghazni province and later killed two of them.

As a Pashtoon and Afghan, as it is not our culture to kidnap women and guests, I condemn this act of terrorism and demand the Afghan government to do what they can to free the hostages.

And there is a question for the kidnappers: How do you call it ‘peace and hospitality’ to abduct and kill poor health workers and give safety to hardcore terrorists?


4 Responses to Terrorists are guests and health workers are hostages!

  1. Howie says:

    I’ve wondered that myself. al-Qaeda brings them nothing but hard times. They dislike outsiders but have let outsiders come in cause trouble. Make them into murderers and kidnappers just like al-Qaeda. Why don’t they see this. I guess its al-Qaeda appeal as an insurgent force. At first it’s Law and order this and that. The rub comes later when al-Qaeda turns and comes for you. After these types gain power they lose it quickly, people wont stand for it.

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