Return of Nawaz and Bhutto

After eight years of suffering military rule, the Pakistanis now hope that their political leaders will return the country and stay with them.

In fact, both Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto disappointed Pakistani people when they left their workers and people and fled. A true political leader stays with his people in hard time because people don’t vote him/her only to rule them and loot their rights.

Anyway, a justice, chief justice Mohammad Iftikhar Chohadry did what was duty of those political leaders and earned popularity and respect. Then he gave a chance to them by allowing Nawaz Sharif to return to Pakistan but they were not able to get the chance. The sooner they return the better to start a political movement and stay with their people. It is very necessary because the country is falling in the hands of the militants under military control.


One Response to Return of Nawaz and Bhutto

  1. nazar rabi says:

    i personally think benazir and nowesharif musharif playing good guy and bad guy to the pushtoons so the pushtoons can not get there recognition. to me this is all tactics by the panjab government every time pushtoons start talking about uniting pushtoons durani line. these three nowesherif or musharif or benazir they in there together to us there playing good guys and bad guys so this will give them a time to keep pushtoon quiet if nowsherif come into power what hes gonna do for us or if benzir come into a power is he gonna give a power to the pushtoons or mushrif we pushtoons should be looking at our own interest we should get pushtoons into the parliament and start working for the pushtoons interest only

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