Meet Haji Gulzar Alam

The other day when we were returning from Bacha Khan markaz, we stopped at his shop to meet Haji Gulzar Alam. The signboard erected over his shop was portraying a bearded Haji Gulzar Alam, the once adorable Pashtoon singer.

In Bacha Khan markaz, we had seen an old issue of Pakhtoon magazine which had published Gulzar Alam’s interview. He was quoted on the title: ‘Pashto music has no future.’

I don’t know whether he quit singing because ‘it has no future’ or it was due to growing Talibanisation in the country? I should have asked him about this, but we could not meet him as the shop was closed.

My friend, who is also a singer, told me, ‘He is still a singer, but he is Talibanised!’

Some two year ago, he announced to set up a music academy, but then he ‘founded’ a Property Dealer Shop instead of music academy.

So singer Gulzar Alam is now Haji Gulzar Alam, whom you can meet at his shop ‘Haji Guzar Alam Property Dealer’ on Pajagi Road, near Bacha Khan markaz, Peshawar.


7 Responses to Meet Haji Gulzar Alam

  1. esmat says:

    can u give me his contact nomber or email?

  2. Saqi says:

    Last week he sung some class Pashtu ghazal/music in MahJabeen Qazlebash programe ……so we can say that Gulzar didn’t quite singing…

  3. harris khan says:

    man i know gulzar alam and his family very well and currently i am liveing in karachi and i dont have any contact number of his family. please send me his shop phone number and any other info if you have …. i will be very thankful to u

  4. Waqar Ali Roghani says:

    This is our dilemma; a dilemma of Pahstoon culture and heritage. Gulzar is one of the best Pashto singers and his approach to music is very professional. If he quit singing, it will be a great setback for Pashto music.

  5. nadeem haider151 says:

    i like your web site becaus i belong from swabi and now i am in canada i usauly listen the music and some address of all our leader plz contect with me if you ant to share any sort of information thanks from nadeem

  6. i’m an american journalist coming to visit Kabul soon and i’d very much like to meet and speak with Haji Gulzar Alam, maybe see him perform. Please send along contact info — phone, address, etc.

    thank you

  7. sarbaz says:

    Hi David,

    First of all, welcome to our beloved country.

    To meet Haji Gulzar Alam, who is now back to his singing profession after the forming of the new government in Pakhtunkhwa, you have to go to Peshawar because he is living there.

    Abdulhadi Hairan

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