Bombs started to take bribe!

Tow suicide bobm blasts in Peshawar, known as the city of flowers, killed more than fifty and wounded more than one hundred innocent poor people.

It is similar in Afghanistan, where the bomb blasts kill only poor Afghans.

 There is a Hiko on this situation written by Lal Zada Sagir, which says:

Watan ke zay pa zay bamoona khlas sho

Wazhni ghareeb maldar ta hees na wayee

Bamoona ham rishwat khwara sho jorey


There are bomb blasts in every corner of the country = Only poor people are killed in these blasts and the rich are safe = I think the bombs also started to take bribe.


One Response to Bombs started to take bribe!

  1. can u stic on to the pashto only?

    kargha/wragha da zarqey qadam ezdakwal eesta trey khpal ham hair shoo..

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