Resolution passed by all Afghan Media, Journalists Associations and unions

Afghan Independent Journalists Association (AIJA) Afghanistan National Journalists’ Union(ANJU), South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA Afghanistan),Committee to Protect Afghan Journalists(CPAJ) and important media outlets express our deep sadness over killing of Ajmal Naqshbandi.We pray for him and present our deepest condolences for his bereaved family, friends and all journalists colleagues.

We request all media outlets covering Afghanistan (nationals and internationals) to do the following things:

1. Print media should publish their first page with no writing in black color as a sign of sadness.
2. Broadcasting media should view silence for two minutes from 3:00pm to
3: 02pm on Tuesday April 10, 2007.
3. Both print and all broadcast media should boycott Taliban reports for one week (including international news agencies and media outlets).
· We, media family will record Mulah Dadullah’s name as a violator of press freedom and we will mentioned his name in the history of Afghan media as a criminal (killer of Ajmal Naqshbandi),
· We condemn governments’ deal for releasing only International journalist and doing nothing for Ajmal.
· The silence of international community is questionable, with all their influence they were not able to help Ajmal Naqshbandi and release him.
· We want the government to explain the Ajmal case and inform public and media about whatever they did for Ajmal’s release and the deal with Taliban.
· We journalists appeal again to Afghan government to protect journalists’ as they mentioned in media law and other legislations.


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