BBC Launches ‘Promote Terror’ Campaign

Media’s impact on people and their minds is universally accepted. When something gets coverage on print and electronic media, all the people give their attention and they suffer its negative or positive effects. That is why we think media always should coverage positive things and encourage them to form a healthy society. Big media organizations like BBC have more responsibility than any but alas! BBC is creating terror by its coverage to some minor issues.

Last month, BBC published a story on its Urdu website about a handwritten letter which threatened people for bad consequences if they continue listening music. After some days, it published another story about another handwritten letter addressed to hairdressers threatening them about shaving people’s beards.

The converge of these letters on BBC got much attention and created terror in Bajaur Agency.

I have lived in Bajaur agency; people of that area are Muslims but not extremists. I know they love music want to live a merry life. But there are still, as in the every corner of the world, some fanatics who do unusual things to satisfy their abnormal minds. When they get attention and coverage, they do more similar things and create more terror. Thus they become heroes and the whole society suffers their evil act.

BBC has more than 10 million viewers / listeners in the world and when it gives coverage to these minor things, it promotes terror and creates fear. When it published the first letter, there were more those stupid letters in Bajaur, Dara Adam Khel, Bannu and Dir, and BBC is publishing them regularly. That is why I call it BBC’s ‘PROMOTE TERROR’ campaign. I don’t know what is the purpose of this campaign.

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One Response to BBC Launches ‘Promote Terror’ Campaign

  1. Waqar Ali Roghani says:

    I support your version to some extent; but some media experts says that media reflect society and it must have the freedom to cover all good and bad aspects of what’s going on. If you want to impose ban or restrictions on its activities and ask them to pick that and avoid this; then what is the Hitlerism and dictatorship?

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