Just four days of Jihad!

Tuesday, Feberuary 27, 2007
Ramadi: 18 children killed in a bomb explosion in Stadium.
Kabul: 17 civilan Afghans killed and more than five hurt in a suicide attack outside Bagram airbase. Three foreigners also killed in the attack.
Kandahar: A district Shura member killed by armed militants.
One civilian killed and several wounded in a suicide explosion. One police also killed in the attack.
Helmand: A woman and a chilled killed in firing between Nato-led ISAF forces and the Taliban fighters in Sangin district.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
A car bomb explosion killed 10 and injured seven Iraqis in the southern commercial district of Bayaa.
Khost: Tow civilians injured in a suicide attack on police. Three police also suffered killing and injuries.
South Waziristan: Militants killed an Afghan clerk. Akhtar Usman, accusing him of ‘spying’ to U.S. forces. Officials said that Akhtar Usman was criticizing militancy.

Thursday, March 1, 2007
Anabr: 80 militants killed in battle with security forces. Three police officers also killed.
Yathrib: Iraqi security forces discovered six bullet-riddled bodies.
Falluja: Five people died when a parked car bomb targeted a convoy of guests to a wedding party.
Tikrit: Gunmen shot and killed four Shiite students in a private car leaving Takrit University.
Farah: Three civilians killed and 48, mostly laborers, wounded in a roadside bomb.
Khost: A shopkeeper beheaded by the armed insurgents declaring him a ‘spy’ to the foreign troops.

Friday, March 2, 2007
Baghdad: A bomb exploded at a popular used-car lot in Sadr City killing 10 people and wounding 17.
Baquba: The bodies of 14 missing Iraqi police officers found.
Helmand: The body of a kidnapped doctor, Addul Shakoor, of Ibne Seena NGO found. He was abducted some five days ago.
Laghman: Three drivers wounded in armed attack by the Taliban.
Kunar: 12 civilian Afghan laborers wounded in a mortar attack carried by the Taliban.
Multan: Three killed and 10 injured, including a judge in a bomb explosion.
The mullahs kidnapped and later beat a cameraman of AVT Khyber Pashto and warned about their anger against photography and filming.
And the fifth (Saturday, March 3, 2007) is started with:
Youssuffia: Six Sunni men who had received death threats for meeting with local Shiites killed in execution-style slayings.
Baghdad: A roadside bomb wounded three Iraqi police and one civilian.
Herat: Tow civilians killed and 16 others wounded in a remote controlled bomb explosion.


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